William Beckett

Why I started this blog

Just wanted to preface this with a general statement - I am not employed by Nutanix now, nor have I ever been. I realze that most of the posts in this blog will be about the Nutanix platform however this is only because I work with the Nutanix platform on a day to day basis as it is my current core role. There is no sponsored posts or anyhting going on here.

I have thought about starting a blog for a long time now but never got around to doing it. After working in IT for a while I realized it’d be handy to have a place to store my findings & experiences which I can refer back to or reflect on at a later date. Therein lies the purpose of this blog – a place to store my experiences and allow others to read my experiences and potentially help those who may have come across similar things in their careers.

In this blog I intend to post about things like, Virtualization, Citrix, Nutanix and anything else I come across in my career working s a Systems Administrator that I think might be helpful to store for later use or things that I think might be helpful for others out there on the line.

I hope that someone out there finds what I write about useful in some way or another.