I have been working with Nutanix for a few years now and have come across a few commands that help in my dat to day life. Here’s a few of the commands I use almost on a daily basis.

Get all CVM IPs within the cluster


Get all Host IPs within the cluster


Get all IPMI IPs within the cluster


Get cluster info

ncli cluster info

Check cluster status

cluster status

Check services running on a CVM

genesis status

Get Metadata Ring status

nodetool -h 0 ring

Run NCC Health Checks

ncc health_checks run_all

[AHV] Check Network Uplink configuration across all nodes

allssh 'manage_ovs show_uplinks'

View errors on a NIC

ethtool -S eth0 | egrep -i "rx_errors|tx_errors|rx_crc|dropped"

Put a CVM in maintenance mode

ncli host edit id=<host_ID> enable-maintenance-mode=true

[AHV] Put an AHV host in maintenance mode

acli host.enter_maintenance_mode HOST_IP wait=true

Check AOS version on all CVMs

allssh 'cat /etc/nutanix/release_version'

[AHV] Check AHV version on all nodes

hostssh 'cat /etc/nutanix-release'

Get detailed hardware info for all nodes

allssh 'ncc hardware_info show_hardware_info'

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