William Beckett

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Hi -- I'm William Beckett, just another It guy doing his thing in Brisbane, Australia. Personally I'm into technology (kind of a staple for anyone in IT), drinking coffee, thinking about how I can yet again re-design my home network, learning about new technology and spending time with my family.

When I'm not tinkering with my home network, or teaching myself HTML/CSS, I work as a Systems Administrator for a Brisbane based company. On any given day I could be building new servers in VMWare or AHV in our Nutanix cluster, troubleshooting issues in our Citrix farm, building new solutions to support the business, or doing what Sys Admins generally do, BAU stuff.

Over the last few years I've been really interested in Nutanix and the whole HCI movement which lead me to get my NPP (Nutanix Platfrom Professional) certificate for AOS4.5 first and most recently 5.0. I have enjoyed working the the platform becasue it makes thigs so easy for not just myself as an infrastructure person, but for our end users as well. The platform is constantly changing and releasing new features which makes it a really interesting and innovative space to be in.

If work wasn't enough to keep me busy I'm also the father of two amazing little boys and the husband of the most amazing woman in the world.


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