There are new versions of AOS and AHV in the wild and so the AHV Best Practices Guide (BPG) has been updated to cover any new features or enhancements that may have come out since the last BPG was released. The latest AOS version number depends on what release track you have decided to be on (AOS 5.6 for Short Term Support or AOS 5.5.2 for Long Term Support).

The AHV Best Practices Guide covers everything from the Nutanix AHV Architecture Overview through to Live Migration, Resource Oversubscription and VM Data Protection.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the table of contents:

  • Networking
  • Virtual Machine High Availability
  • Acropolis Dytnamic Scheduler
  • VM Deployment
  • Nutanix Guest Tools
  • VM Data Protection
  • Hypervisor Mobility and Conversion
  • Live Migration
  • CPU Configuration
  • Memory
  • Hotplug CPU and Memory
  • AHV Turbo Technology
  • Disks
  • Resource Oversubscription
  • Hugepages

There is a lot of great content in there so go grab yourself a copy of the updated AHV BPG and get reading!

You can grab the updated AHV Best Practices Guide from the Nutanix public website here or if you have access to the Nutanix Portal you can grab it from here

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