AOS 5.9 (STS) is now available to download from the Nutanix Portal.

NOTE: AOS 5.9 is a Short Term Service (STS) branch of AOS. This means it is covered by support for only 6 months. If this is too short of a support window for you it is recommended you stay on the Long Term Service (LTS) branch of AOS which is currently AOS 5.5.6

NOTE: After upgrading to AOS 5.9 from AOS 5.5.6, the web console Upgrade Software AOS tab incorrectly shows the current AOS 5.9 versions as an LTS (long term support) release. AOS 5.9 is a Short Term Support (STS) Release.

Here is a breakdown of what is included in this release.

New and Updated Features

  • New Settings Menu in the Web Console – The settings menu has been redesigned which is a welcome change. Settings are now easier to find and broken up into groups.
  • RDMA for Nutanix NX G6 Platforms – Remote Direct Memory Access RDMA provides a node with direct access to the memory subsystems of other nodes in the cluster, without needing the CPU-bounded network stack of the operating system. RDMA allows low-latency data transfer between memory subsystems, and so helps to improve network latency and lower CPU use.
  • NGT Management in Prism Central – With the Nutanix Guest Tools (NGT) bulk operations feature, you will be able to select multiple VMs in Prism Central VM entity browser and install, manage, upgrade NGT on these VMs.
  • Rack Fault Tolerance – This is a big one for me. You can now configure your nodes to be rack aware meaning that redundant copies of data are made and placed on the nodes that are not in the same rack.
  • Background Encryption – Another huge one for me. Previously Software based encryption could be enabled but only if the container is empty. This meant that you had to know ahead of time if you wanted to encrypt a container or not. Now with AOS 5.9 you can turn on encryption with existing data on the container – Brilliant!
  • Linux Guest Clustering for Nutanix Volumes
  • Support for NVIDIA Tesla V100 16 GB GPU
  • Support for VMware ESXi 6.7
  • Metro Support for Hyper-V
  • Interoperability Between Asynchronous DR and NearSync DR in a Protection Domain
  • Application-Consistent Snapshot Support for NearSync DR
  • One-Time Snapshot Support for NearSync DR
  • No longer able to delete Storage Pools
  • Recursive Directory Search Option

Tech Preview

  • Nutanix Karbon 0.8 – The ability to deploy and managing Kubernetes clusters using Linux containers.

Upgrade Restrictions

  • AOS 5.9 supports upgrading your cluster from the AOS 5.5, AOS 5.6, and AOS 5.8 family versions. You cannot upgrade to AOS 5.9 from the AOS 5.1 family versions.
  • Upgrading software through the web console (1-click upgrade) does not support configurations where a cluster is mapped to two vCenters, includes host-affinity VMs, and is mapped to two VMware clusters in the same vCenter.

Overall AOS 5.9 is a pretty big release with quite a few goodies i there that I am personally excited about.

If you want to upgrade to AOS 5.9 here is the link to the portal page.


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