At this year’s .NEXT conference, Nutanix pulled back the covers on a few new services they have been working on. I’m going detail a few of them here on my blog. First up is Era.

An Intro to Nutanix Era

Nutanix Era is a new suite of software from Nutanix which is set to bring the famous ‘One-Click’ simplicity to Database provisioning and Lifecycle Management. The first piece of Era will be Copy Data Management (CDM), which gives DB Administrators the ability to provision, clone, refresh and restore their databases to any point in time through a Prism like UI.

Copy Data Management (CDM)

When Era becomes available later this year there will be two funcitons/actions within CDM that will be availble to users, Time Machine and Database Clone/Refresh.

One-Click time machine uses Nutanix based snapshots and application-centric APIs to create space efficient snapshots which enables databases running on Nutanix to be cloned or restored to any specific point in time – even up to the last database transaction.

One-Click database clone/refresh allows admins to create database clones/refreshes to any point in time in just a few minutes thanks to the Time Machine like snapshots.

As CDM is just the first piece to Era, these capabilities will expand over time to include more features.

Thoughts on Era

Nutanix Era is a perfect evolotunary step for Nutanix following on from X-Tract for DBs. Imagine being able to bring your DBs across from your legacy platforms (while applying best practices) and then use a familiar Prism like interface to then manage and interact with your databases on a daily basis. Seems like a winner to me. Even just being able to interact with your database without having to use the vendor tools is a massive win. I am definitely looking forward to playing with Era and I know a few DBAs who will love these features too.

Nutanix Era is expected to be available in the second half of this year (2018) with support for Oracle and Postgres databases initially. This will expand over time to include an increasing number of popular databases, starting with Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL.

Head on over to the Nutanix Blog to read the official Nutanix post on Era and the other new services that were recently announced at .NEXT.

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