Prism Central v5.5.0.2 was recently released so I grabbed the metadata file and the binary to upgrade my existing Prism Central (which was version 5.5). Following the usual steps I take, I downloaded what I needed and uploaded the binary and the metadata file to the Prism Central VM in order to perform the upgrade. Once the required files were uploaded I clicked the Upgrade button and waited.

It was then that I was told my Prism Central VM didn’t have the required minimum amout of RAM to run the new features.

No biggie, I’ll just shut down Prism Central and bump the RAM and I’ll be done. I went ahead and shutdown Prism Central, bumped the RAM in the VM and started it back up agian. Waited for a while and tried to access Prism Central but got no where. Ran a ping to the IP address of the Prism Central VM but again, no dice. Checked in vSphere and could see that the NIC was attached so it wasn’t a VMware thing.

I decided to have a look at the Prism Central VM itself to see if I could find out why I couldn’t ping the IP address. Upon running an ifconfg at the command line I only got the loopback address. My eth0 nic wasn’t listed at all.

I tried another command to view the IP configuration, ip address, and saw that the eth0 interface was DOWN.

Right, so that’ll do it. Now to have a look at the interface configuration.

I jumped into the /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 file to have a look at the config. As soon as the file was open I saw the problem. The ip address, gateway, netmask were all set correctly so it wasn’t a case of losing the IP details. I did notice though that the ONBOOT option was set to no. This basically means that the interface will be down when then VM is started.

I quickly edited the file and changed the ONBOOT option to yes, saved and exited that file, then ran sudo service network restart to restart the network service. As soon as that service restarted my VM was pingable again and the rest of the Prism Central services started up. I checked ip address and ifconfig commands again and the eth0 interface was showing as up and was working correctly.

Once the services started up the Prism Central upgrade continued immediately.

I’m not entirely sure why this happened in the first place but I’m glad that it was a simple fix to get Prism Central up and running again so I could perform the upgrade.

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